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Featured Articles

This discussion is for proposing articles that should be featured, discussing the criteria for featured articles etc.
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Two very good ideas have been proposed in this discussion: to have a "featured article of the month" and to have a "monthly communal edit." However, I don't think that they should necessarily be the same thing, although they will likely overlap.

I think that the "featured article of the month" should be an article, different each month, from the featured category that fits all the criteria Gloamglozer proposed. The purpose of it is to have wiki visitors see one of the best articles we have immediately when they arrive. Precedence will be given to more recent articles, but otherwise we can just follow a list in order.

I think that the "monthly communal edit" should simply be a different article we choose at the start of every month to improve together by the end of the month. It might end up being good enough to be a featured article, but if it doesn't that is fine, and not every single one should be a featured article. One, because I doubt that we will be able to produce a top-quality featured article every single month, and two, because if we continue at this for a while we will soon have many featured articles, which defeats the point of the featured articles being the few, elite articles of the wiki. Individual people could also end up creating an article that is good enough to be featured on their own.

As for the vote... I don't see a reason to wait, although all of this would be a good chat time topic. I vote for the First Age of Flight, because it is currently not very good and it would be good to focus our efforts on something that really needs to be improved. (Third Great Migration is already very good)
I think The Strange Traveller's suggestions were very good, and I had been thinking that if we produced a new featured article every month, the category would soon become crowded.
I vote for the First Age of Flight, since it's something that probably 99% of Edge fans are familiar with, whereas the Third Great Migration wasn't even mentioned in the books.
I agree with strating with the first Age of Flight.
But be careful please, if more than one person are editing the article at one time, on/both persons' edit might be lost. So maybe copy your edits and save them in a file before saving the article or pay attention that nobody else is editing on the wiki simultaneously. This happened to me a few times already and it is very annoying.
I also agree with what you said, i think we shouldn't overcrowd the featured articles category. But I guess when we edit some pages, the overall standards of even the featured pages could rise so we could remove some from the category again.
Yes- I'll start helping on that page
I'm glad you understood what I was trying to explain; I was worried that I wouldn't be able to explain my thoughts clearly on this. Gloamglozer, you make a good point about what happens if two people are editing at the same time. I always write out my edits in a word document before I put them on the wiki, but I will still try to edit First Age of Flight later in the day (in my timezone) so all of you are asleep and there isn't a risk of getting in each other's way.
Does anyone have any good ideas on how to structure The First Ag of Flight? I don't want to edit something as long as there's no structure determined/don't want to destroy anyone's planned structure.
I suggest the following structure:
-Before Stone-Sickness
-After Stone-Sickness
-Before Stone-Sickness
-After Stone-Sickness
-(Probably some subheadings here but I'm not sure what they would be)

I'm not sure where the ImageMap should go relative to everything else. Probably either at the top, right below the intro, or at the bottom. I don't think there should be the usual "Role in the Edge Chronicles" part, because all we could say was "Whatever Book took place in the First Age of Flight", and I already said that in the intro. If everyone likes this structure then I will put in the headings with "Under Construction" signs in the article. Then different people can contribute different paragraphs when they have time.
Yes that sounds good.
You can change the size of the imageMap, so you should also be able to integrate it in the text. It's harder to click it then, that's a downside.
If it doesn't fit anywhere you could also remove it, but I quite like Image Maps, so I am in favour of keeping them somewhere on the page. Also because then you don't need lists important places in the Firat Place of Flight.
I also really like ImageMaps, especially this colored one, so I definitely want it to stay on the page. I have thought about it more, and I think that it should stay at the top, beneath the intro. History, Economy, etc. can go down beneath it. I guess once everything is one the page we can see how it looks.