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We celebrate 20 years of the Edge Chronicles in 2018! And today, on the 18th of February 2018, the Edge Chronicles Wiki celebrates 10 years! Thank you all for visiting, reading articles or even contributing to this wiki!

What is your favourite unique Edgeworld substance?

The poll was created at 18:43 on February 1, 2018, and so far 39 people voted.

Books in the Edge Chronicles series, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Quint Trilogy: The Curse of the GloamglozerThe Winter KnightsClash of the Sky Galleons

Twig Trilogy: Beyond the DeepwoodsStormchaserMidnight Over Sanctaphrax

Rook Trilogy: The Last of the Sky PiratesVoxFreeglader

Nate Book: The Immortals

Cade Trilogy: The Nameless OneDoombringerThe Descenders

Other Books: The Edge Chronicles MapsThe Lost BarkscrollsThe Sky Chart

Blogs: Weird New Worlds

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SanctaphraxSanctaphraxUndertownUndertownMireTwilight WoodsTwilight WoodsEdgelandsDeepwoodsDeepwoodsRiverriseStone GardensStone GardensEdgewater RiverOpen SkyEdge
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The Descenders

The Descenders will be released July 26th, 2018! Get updates on plot and illustrations here and join our discussion here!

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Visit the noble floating city of academics, the place where knowledge and contacts are everything!


Plots and intrigue of Sanctaphrax too much for you? Perhaps you'd like the hustle, bustle, and betrayal of Undertown!


The Deepwoods
The twin cities not all they've cracked up to be? Perhaps the wild freedom and danger of the Deepwoods would suit you better!


The Mire
Dangerous Mire pearling something you wish to try your hand at?


The Twilight Woods
Looking for Stormphrax? Explore the treacherous, beguiling Twilight Woods!


The Edgelands
Think you can brave the terrifying dangers of the Edgelands?


The Stone Gardens
Want to try harvesting your own flight-rocks in the Stone Gardens? Don't let the Leaguesmen or Academics catch you!


The Free Glades
Perhaps the tranquility and opportunity of the Free Glades is what you're looking for?

Great Glade

Great Glade
Or the turbulent life in the great city of the Third Age of Flight?


The Farrow Ridges
Do you long for the purity and solitude of the Farrow Ridges?


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