"Oh, I have a word. Perhaps you recognize it? Goodbye!"


Amberfuce was a ghostwaif who was right-hand man to Vox Verlix when he was powerful. He first met Vox when he was an apprentice in Sanctaphrax, and served as his chancellor when he usurped the position of the Most High Academe from Cowlquape Pentephraxis. He helped coordinate the construction of Vox's projects and raked off some of the profits for himself, forging connections and brokering deals. When Vox lost his power and retreated to the Palace of Statues, Amberfuce was left to use his mental powers to erase the minds of the slaves working for Hestera Spikesap, attended by his nurse Flambusia Flodfox, reflecting bitterly on the past.

Amberfuce eventually decided that continuing his partnership with Vox was pointless, and that he would instead reforge his ties with Hemuel Spume in the Foundry Glades. After the destruction of Undertown, Amberfuce and Flambusia betrayed Vox and left him to die in the Palace of Statues. Amberfuce hypnotized Rook's banderbear friends to carry him and Flambusia to the Foundry Glades on the bower intended for Vox, but Rook knocked Amberfuce unconscious and broke his hold over the banderbears.

Flambusia fled with Amberfuce, and they shortly met up with a small band of sky pirates from the Armada of the Dead who had refused to assist Deadbolt Vulpoon in assisting the Undertowners on their mass exodus to the

Free Glades. Promising them riches and power, Amberfuce persuaded the sky pirates to assist him and Flambusia to reach the Foundry Glades. Once they arrived, however, Amberfuce turned over Flambusia and the sky pirates to Hemuel Spume, who immediately enslaved them. Amberfuce then proceeded to give Hemuel Spume Vox's unused plans for war machines known as Glade-Eaters, which he used in the War for the Free Glades. The Glade-Eaters caused massive destruction but were destroyed when they plunged into North Lake.

Once the Foundry Glades were defeated and abandoned, Amberfuce was left alone, trapped in the soak-vat that he had been pampered in as a reward for helping Hemuel Spume. Soon, Flambusia entered Amberfuce's chamber and, outraged that Amberfuce had turned a blind eye to her suffering, boiled him alive in the soak-vat.

Many years later, during a scouting expedition to the ruins of the Foundry Glade, Rufus Filatine entered the chamber and found Amberfuce's skeleton, still lying in the soak-vat, arms outstretched in a pleading gesture.

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