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The Caterbird, one of the Ancient Ones.

Caterbird, Sanctaphrax rock, Great Blueshell Clam
From Sky and Earth and Water come
First Seeds of life; three Ancient Ones
Brought from Open Sky by the Mother Storm.

The Ancient Ones were the oldest and wisest life forms in the Edgeworld, blown in from Open Sky during the first three Mother Storms and deposited at Riverrise. The first of the Ancient Ones was the Sanctaphrax rock, representing the Earth element; then came the Great Blueshell Clam, representing the element of Water; and the last one was the Caterbird, representing the Air. They were the first glisters to take a defined shape.

All of this was explained to Nate in "The Immortals" by the Caterbird[1]. Later, Great Glade students, including Cade Quarter, learnt the above chant in the junior academies of the Cloud Quarter[2].


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