The Battle of the Knights Academy was a momentous battle that took place in the Knights Academy. It was fought by the Academics-at-Arms on one side and The Gatekeepers on the other. The Gatekeepers started the battle by locking all the doors, trapping the Academics-at-Arms inside. The Gatekeepers then ammased out side in the courtyard. The Academics-at-Arms then burst through the door with giant sling shots and drove the gatekeepers into the prowlgrin stables. The Gatekeepers then launched a mounted attack on prowlgrins, chasing the Academics-at-Arms to the tilt trees, tragically killing Fabius Dydex after he attempted to save his beloved Quarm, Squeak. The battle began to turn in The Gatekeepers favour, until the Treasury Guard intervened, using giant fromps. Sigbord killed Daxiel Xaxis, leader of The Gatekeepers, by stabbing him in his heart. After the battle, the Gatekeepers, were disbanded and their uniforms changed to simple black robes with numerous duelling patches. Major casualties were sustained, and the Academy assumed the jobs of the erstwhile Gatekeepers.

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