Blatch Helmstoft was a fourthling living at the Farrow Ridges. He had a daughter, Celestia Helmstoft.

Role in the Cade Saga

Role in The Nameless One

Blatch Helmstoft had once been a sky ship builder in Great Glade. Because he was in favour of descending, he had to leave Great Glade. He came to the Farrow Ridges with his wife and his little daughter Celestia and spent the first ten years cataloguing the tree species of the Western Woods and building his cabin hut. Because of his former profession, he could not resist to add a balcony here and and a cabin there, which resulted in an exquisite mansion hanging down from the branches of an ironwood tree. While he was building this, he taught Thorne Lammergyre all about his craftsmanship. Then he spent five years studying Water Spiders around the shores of the Farrow Lake and then went on to discover the Water Caverns of the Five Falls. He explored the Crystal Caverns, the Drowning Pools and the caverns of the White Trogs, but was then held captive by them. Together with Cade, Celestia and Thorne Lammergyre he was able to flee the caverns.

Role in Doombringer

When the mire pearlers and Merton Hoist attacked the Farrow Ridges to exploit the Farrow Lake, Blatch Helmstoft and Thorne Lammergyre commanded the militia of the Farrow Lake. With the help of the Hammerhead Goblins of the Western Woods, the Webfoot Goblins from Fifth Lake Village and the White Trogs from the caverns behind the Five Falls, they were able to save the Farrow Ridges.

Role in Weird New Worlds

Blatch Helmstoft, or 'The Roost Marshall' or 'The Cavereneer', was a Mobgnome living in the Farrow Ridges during Weird New Worlds. He worked as a caverneer in the Five Falls, but had previously been a Freeglade Lancer and a Phraxminer. He had led the Freeglade Lancers into the Battle of the Midwood Marshes twelve years earlier and had come close to killing Hedgethorn Lammergyre who, when he met him later on, still hated Blatch for the war. However, they soon became good friends and, along with another friend, Forden Drew, they sucessfully defended themselves in the Battle of Farrow Lake.

He had a daughter, Alcestia Helmstoft, who died in the same battle.

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