• Martingloamg


    Do you want eternal glory like the Most High Academe of Sanctaphrax, but on the main page of this wiki? Do you have nothing to do while waiting for The Descenders being published March 7th, 2019? All you have to do is write a piece of fan fiction about any minor character in the Edge Chronicles that ever existed. Just remember to read the rules, or the Gloamglozer might capture you...

    • The Fanfiction must be no more than 600 words.
    • Fan art is encouraged to go with your work, but not required.
    • All work should be sent to by 12:00 pm GMT on April 9th.
    • Duplicate entries will be ignored.
    • This contest is inspired by the Single-Page Stories by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.
    • What are minor characters? By minor c…

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  • DeadlyDirtBlock

    In the editions of The Edge Chronicles that were printed with the newer Chris Riddell covers, showing a single character, the first page of each book had a short story where it expanded on a background character.

    These are currently only available in that edition of the series, but Paul Stewart kindly gave me the drafts. Each of these stories was also accompanied by the characters' face in a wreath. I've attatched all of these images that I could find, but some are still missing.  The pages were then removed from the current (as of January 2018) editions, which have the Jeff Nentrup covers. 

    • These may not be exactly word-for-word what is in the books, because these were drafts.
    • Initially, the hat-tipper's name was Brummel, but it was later ch…

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  • DeadlyDirtBlock

    Minutes of the Chat

    December 10, 2017 by DeadlyDirtBlock

    These are the minutes of the weekly Help and Chat time:

    Date and Time: 11/03/18, 5:30 PM, UCT

    People Present:

    in the Discord:
    • The Strange Traveler
    • DeadlyDirtBlock
    • Tnuy
    • Martingloamg
    • Gloamglozer (joined later)

    Issues discussed:

    • Maybe the official chat time will be moved to 6pm GMT on Sunday. The Discord #general can still be used any time. If there are any objctions to this, please send a message in the Discord or contact one of the active users on the wiki.
    • The fashion section of the community project First Age of Flight still needs to be done and veryone is free to edit it
    • Questions discussed:
      • Is there any reason why the descenders traveled to the tip of the Edge to go on their expeditions? Couldn't they just descend at any point along the cliff?
      • What h…
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  • DeadlyDirtBlock

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so I decided to make a blog about it.  :D

    I've been a fan of the Edge Chronicles for many years now, but I've only just realised (after seeing the list of deaths) how few characters actually knew their parents, especially their mothers.

    • Vilnix - Abandoned in the Undertown Sewers
    • Quint - His mother died when he was 3
    • Maris - Her mother died in childbirth
    • Twig - Left in a woodtroll village at birth, never met his real mother
    • Cowlquape - His mother died when he was a child
    • Keris - Her mother died when she was 1
    • Rook - Both parents died when he was 5
    • Felix and Varis - No mention of a mother, so Fenbrus was probably their only parent
    • Xanth - No parents mentioned
    • Nate - No mother, his father was killed when he was 12-13
    • Slip -…
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  • Gloamglozer


    November 12, 2017 by Gloamglozer

    List of proverbs and sayings in the Edge Chronicles collected so far by DeadlyDirtBlock, The Strange Traveler and Gloamglozer:

    Proverb Equivalent Person Appearance
    "bag of leechfleas" bag of fleas
    "May earth and sky be with you!"

    "If those ... aren't ..., then I'm a jack-stacking leafhopper"
    Tweezel The Lost Barkscrolls
    "Only the sky knows"
    Common saying among sky-scholars

    "Thank Sky for that"
    Quint The Curse of the Gloamglozer
    "was mown down like glade-wheat before a scythe" narration
    Clash of the Sky Galleons
    "Barkworm" derogatory manner for someone inconsequential/powerless

    "Hold your prowlgrins"
    Ferule Gleet

    "The hotter the fire, the lighter the dough"
    Welma Thornwood The Curse of the Gloamglozer
    "What you feel is what you feel"

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  • Gloamglozer

    The Descenders

    July 30, 2017 by Gloamglozer


    • The Descenders was to be published July 26th, 2018 but was delayed to March 9th, 2019. There will be two editions, a limited special hardback with cover illustrations by Chris Riddell celebrating the end of 20 years of the Edge Chronicles and the standard paperback edition with a cover by Jedd Nentrup.
    • Chris Riddell, the illustrator and co-author of the Edge Chronicles posted pictures of drawings on his blog and in his laureate log. You can find these pictures in the gallery below.
    • What we know about the content of the book so far (spoilers ahead):
      • Cade has to flee the Farrow Ridges
      • Quove Lentis' power has increased, eg he has his own Palace of Phrax and military
      • Nate Quarter has founded New Sanctaphrax, a city for desce…

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  • Gloamglozer

    This blog post is just for all the monthly polls that were done on the main page of the Edge Chronicles Wiki. Maybe someone can learn something from it, for example that most people prefer the Twig Saga and the First Age of Flight over everything else. Kind of oldfashioned, one might say ;)

    If you have other suggestions for new polls, put them in the comments or add them to this conversation.

    • The poll "Which is your favourite Edge Chronicles Saga?" ended on April 1st, 2017. 15 votes were cast and Twig got 53,33%, Rook 20%, Quint 13,33% and Nate and Cade each 6,67% of the votes.
    • The poll "In which Age of Flight would you like to live" ended on May 2nd, 2017. 16 votes were cast and the First Age of Flight got 62,5%, the Second Age of Flight 25…

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  • Gloamglozer

    This page was to track our achievements. We achieved all our goals in January 2018! We were only two people when we revived this wiki, but now have more active, motivated contributors and a wider range of people reading this wiki. Thank you all for using this wiki, reading articles or even contributing to this wiki!

    Hi everyone,

    Sadly, there are not many people contributing to this wiki. Running this wiki all by ourselves isn't nearly as much fun and much more work than running it as a community.

    Over time, we implemented these measures:

    • The Facebook post about the Community on The Edge Chronicles Official Facebook
    • The poll on the mainpage (that shows that there are more than two people on this wiki!)
    • The Help and Chat Time to improve communic…

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  • Martingloamg

    This is a picture of my poster I created for a competiton on the Edge Chronicles Facebook . I was in the top-five and my work even went on the page!  

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  • Gloamglozer

    If you created an ImageMap like explained in this guide, the ImageMap might still not be working properly.

    There are a few things that might have gone wrong:

    If you cannot see the blue image sign in the right bottom corner or you ImageMap seems to be too big for the site, there are two things that might be wrong:

    • Try to change the image's size by changing the File:HERECOMESTHENAMEOFTHEPICTUREYOUUSE.PNG|left|640px command. Try different values for the number of pixels and see which one fits the best. 650px is usually a good value. 300px is way to small and 1000px are bigger than the article and the image won't show properly.
    • If your image doesn't resize when you change the number of pixels check if you have a [...] in your coding. You might …

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  • Gloamglozer

    ImageMaps are maps or pictures that, when you click on something, take you that page on the wiki. For an example, see ImageMap The Edge or to the article on the First Age of Flight or Sanctaphrax. This is an easy to follow guide on how to create ImageMaps of whatever you like. All you need is a picture, this guide and a page on the wiki where'd you want to put your ImageMap. Best open those pages in several different tabs in your browser. Creating an ImageMap will take you about half an hour, depending on how many objects there are on the picture. Your first ImageMap will probably take some more time, but you can always pause the project as long as you completed Step 1.

    Step 1: First, search for the image you want to use. Take a high-qualit…

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  • Gloamglozer

    Weird New Worlds

    February 4, 2016 by Gloamglozer


    I don't know if this already exists - I am new - but I thought, I'd start one anyway.

    Okay, so the important thing is that I can't find the sequel/prequel ( whatever it is) on the Farrow Ridges. This is supposed to be a blog by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell on the website http: // according to http://

    (Sorry, I can't put the links here, this site made me do the security test over and over again, so I put a space in there. Just leave it out. )

    Nevertheless, the site Weird New Worlds doesn't work. I know the story was finished in 2013 or something, but the site doesn't seem to exist anymore.

    Did anyone like save this blog or knows where I can get it from? Or is just the U…

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  • Lehom

    AFTER The Immmortals !

    June 13, 2015 by Lehom


    I want to say to every fan of the Edge that i have discovered that 

    Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

    have write a new saga: the saga of Cade.

    I don't have read the book, but i have find this links about them (and think that i will wait the french version)

    first book :

    second book:

    (my tailord is rich but my english is poor, sorry)

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  • Luldude


    September 13, 2013 by Luldude

    Hello All

    First blog post... kinda nervous... yeah

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  • SisterNightfeather

    Hi there Edge lovers,

    is anybody here who knows the email address of Paul and/or Chris? I have to write an very important message to them, but all the mail addresses I found are out of action...

    Thanks =)

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  • Captaintwig

    Hi, this is my new fan fiction blog about the Edge. It follows the crew of the Stormskimmer: A sky pirate ship in the First Age of Flight. It is before the time of Quint.

    Captain Snow Reaver (Captain | Fourthling)

    Luler (Lookout | Oakelf)

    Woolem (Deckhand/Guard | Banderbear)

    Carelfule (Deckhand/Lieutenant | Nightwaif)

    Gormutt (Guard | Flat-head Goblin)

    Reavil (Harpooner/Deckhand | Mobgnome)

    Quibilus Gleethe (Quatermaster/Doctor/Cook | Fourthling)

    The Stormskimmer

    More Information on these and the other members of the crew shall follow

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  • Knightacademic42

    Does anyone have editing advice?

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  • Jadeboy


    September 23, 2009 by Jadeboy

    Hi all! Haven't been on in a while

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