Bungus Septrill was the last High Librarian of the Great Library of Sanctaphrax and the custodian of earth-studies.

Role in the Edge Chronicles

Before the Quint Saga

Although Earth-Studies in Sanctaphrax had ended many years ago, Bungus remained in the city, hiding from the Sky-Scholars and looking after the Great Library. Linius Pallitax formed a close friendship with him in his younger age, often sneaking out of the Fountain House to spend time in the Great Library.

Role in The Curse of the Gloamglozer

When Quint lost his balance high over the ground in the Great Library of Sanctaphrax, searching for a barkscroll for Linius Pallitax, Bungus Septrill caught Quint but then hid. He was tring to get rid of the Blood-Red Glister that had infested in the Stonecomb of the Sanctaphrax rock when he saved Maris and Quint from being killed by the glister. Learning that Maris' father, Linius Pallitax, had been a pupil of Bungus', they told him what they had learned about the Most High Academe's doings. Concerned about him and what he might have done to Sanctaphrax, Bungus brought Maris, Quint having escaped to see the Ancient Laboratory for himself, to the Palace of Shadows. Bungus prepared Deepwoods medicine for Linius and made him tell them all about his experiments and the final creation of the Gloamglozer. Planning to keep the laboratory sealed and the Gloamglozer inside, Bungus and Maris returned to the Stonecomb. Bungus Septrill was killed by the Blood-Red Glister when he wanted to save Maris, his dear friend's daughter. He had given Quint his cape that contained the poach with the only effective weapon against glisters, chine, and thus could not defend himself.


Bungus was devoted to earth-studies and knew how to use the plants of the Deepwoods. When he remained in the city after the purges against earth-scholars, he hid even from his closest friends to protect himself and those sky-scholars that still sympathised with earth-scholarship. He had a distinct distaste for Sky-scholars and thought they were all greedy and power hungry. Bungus learned how to hide and avoid crowds when he visited Sanctaphrax at night. He dreamt of visiting Riverrise, but the way had been lost in the years since the Scholar Librarians travelled there and discovered chine.