Captain Deadbolt Vulpoon was the son of Thunderbolt

Vulpoon and a sky pirate during the Rook trilogy. Though much more valiant and noble than his father, he seemed unaware that Thunderbolt Vulpoon was an evil slave-trader, judging from the incorrect story he told Rook of his father's death.

Deadbolt Vulpoon was also the leader of The Armada of the Dead, attacking The Great Mire Road and the shrykes. He and the other sky pirates of the Armada assisted the inhabitants of Undertown during their exodus to the Free Glades. Once settled in the Free Glades, he and his men spent most nights getting drunk at the New Bloodoak Tavern.


During the Third Age of Flight, a skytavern was named the Deadbolt Vulpoon in his honor. Additionally, he and his crew were fabled to have invented the popular Third-Age card game known as Splinters.

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