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The Deepwoods was a huge forest, often described as endless, that was far larger than every other region of the Edge. It was bordered in the east by the Twilight Woods, in the west by the Thorn Forests, and in the north and south by the Edgelands. Many different species of plants and animals lived in the Deepwoods, many of which were predatory or poisonous (or both), so the Deepwoods could be a very dangerous place, especially at night. Many lakes and rivers were found in the Deepwoods, and some ridges were too. The life of the Deepwoods was seeded the second time the Mother Storm came to the Edge.


Time of Enlightenment

In the Time of Enlightenment, the many different tribes of the Deepwoods were united into a confederation known as the Thousand Tribes by Kobold the Wise. Slavery was banished and the written word was invented; it was an age of freedom and learning in the Deepwoods. However, the madness of the Mind Storms that preceded the return of the Mother Storm destroyed the union of the tribes and ushered in a long-lasting era of darkness, barbarity, slavery, and chaos in the Deepwoods.

Pre-First Age of Flight

Due to the rampant slavery in the Deepwoods, thousands of residents travelled east, in what was know as the First and Second Great Migrations. Sanctaphrax was founded during the first of these, and Undertown during the second.

First Age of Flight

In the First Age of Flight the Deepwoods was inhabited mainly by scattered, small, single-race tribes. However, there were a few large, diverse settlements, such as the Great Shryke Slave Market. There was no centre of academia or manufactured good production in the Deepwoods during the First Age of Flight. Sky ships travelled the Deepwoods, connecting the scattered groups with trade and bringing them manufactured goods.


Twig in the Deepwoods

Second Age of Flight

In the Second Age of Flight several large, powerful, permanent settlements inhabited by multiple races emerged in the Deepwoods: the Eastern Roost, the Free Glades, the Goblin Nations, and the Foundry Glades. The Free Glades and the Foundry Glades were centres of manufactured goods production, and the Free Glades was a centre of academia. Some smaller, less important, less diverse settlements emerged as well, such as the Silver Pastures, the Hundred Lakes, the Great Clearing of Threnody Battlerage, and the Four Lakes. Due to stone-sickness, sky ships no longer connected the settlements of the Deepwoods with trade. Towards the end of the Second Age of Flight the Deepwoods became the sole home of civilisation when New Sanctaphrax and Undertown were destroyed by the Dark Maelstrom and all of the cities’ surviving people (along with the sky pirates of the Armada of the Dead, the only other settlement of the time not in the Deepwoods) fled to the Deepwoods in the Third Great Migration.

Third Age of Flight

In the Third Age of Flight the Deepwoods was no longer the sole home of civilisation, for the lone city of Riverrise had been established in the Nightwoods. However, it was home to the other two of the three great cities, Great Glade and Hive, and all of the smaller settlements. Both Great Glade and Hive were centres of academia and manufactured goods production. Other, new, settlements such as the Midwood Decks and Thorn Harbour, were founded and previously founded settlements, such as the Four Lakes, grew larger. The Deepwoods became increasingly connected by phraxship trade, so truly isolated places and tribes became rarer and rarer. Over-exploitation of natural resources became a large danger in some places.

Role in the Edge Chronicles


Maris in the Deepwoods

In the Quint Trilogy

In Clash of the Sky Galleons, Quint and Maris were stranded in the Deepwoods for two days before the Galerider located and rescued them. Later in the book, a great sky battle between the Leagues of Undertown and the sky pirates took place above the Deepwoods.

In the Twig Trilogy

Twig spent most of Beyond the Deepwoods wandering aimlessly through the Deepwoods. In Midnight Over Sanctaphrax he went on a lengthy journey in the Deepwoods as part of his mission to recover all of his lost crew.

In the Rook Trilogy

In The Last of the Sky Pirates, Rook, Magda, and Stob were guided by Hekkle through the Deepwoods from the Eastern Roost to the Free Glades. Later, Rook journeyed into the Deepwoods on his treatise-voyage, and while on his treatise-voyage he met Twig at the Great Convocation of Banderbears. In Freeglader the path of the Third Great Migration went through the Deepwoods.

In The Immortals

In The Immortals, Nate and others passed over the Deepwoods aboard phraxships and skycraft to travel between settlements several times. However, characters had to travel through the Deepwoods on the ground twice. Once, accompanied by his friends, Nate walked from just outside Great Glade to the Midwood Decks through the Deepwoods when the phraxvessel he was travelling on, the Gladedancer, crashed. Later, when Nate and Eudoxia ended up in the Hive Militia due to a misunderstanding, Nate marched with Eudoxia and the other militia members from Hive to the Midwood Decks through the Deepwoods to take part in the Battle of the Midwood Marshes.

In the Cade Saga

In The Nameless One, Cade was forced to flee Great Glade aboard the Xanth Filatine, and after he was in turn forced to abandon ship he ended up in a remote part of the Deepwoods known as the Farrow Ridges. Most of The Nameless One and Doombringer took place in the Deepwoods as Cade attempted to build a new life for himself.

Parts of the Deepwoods

First Age of Flight


Settlements of the Deepwoods in the Second Age of Flight

Second Age of Flight

Third Age of Flight