Nate Quarter, the most celebrated descender

Descenders were those individuals who attempted to descend below the Edge cliff to find out what lay beneath. Only one known descent has been documented. 

Descending was considered heresy by academics such as Quove Lentis, the High Professor of Flight. Nevertheless, brave descenders built themselves a home in New Sanctaphrax, the base for their exploration of what was beyond the Edge. 

Origins of Descending

Ifflix Hentadile and the Archemax expedition were the first ones to try to climb down the Edge cliff. But because Quove Lentis and the academics of the School of Flight felt threatened by these discoveries they stopped financial support. Descending was considered heresy. After the defeat of the Gloamglozers in The Immortals, Ambris Hentadile and Nate Quarter continued the quest of the deceased Ifflix. New Sanctaphrax became the centre of descending efforts and a refuge fo all academics threatened by the High Professor of Flight.

Equipment and Techniques

  • Nate Quarter had a spy glass that was later given to his nephew, Cade Quarter.

Known Descenders