An Edge Wraith.

"Edge Wraiths," said Fibus Queep, shaking his head. "Foul creatures of the void."- Filbus Queep, Clash of the Sky Galleons.

Edge Wraiths were ferocious, colossal, white, bat-like creatures that lived in the void beneath the Edge. They fed on the carcasses that were swept over the Edge by the swirling mud of the Mire, but would also hunt live prey if any was present. They also had a degree of animal cunning.


Clash of the Sky Galleons

During the events of Clash of the Sky Galleons, Quint and Wind Jackal were attacked by a group of Edge Wraiths while searching for Turbot Smeal in the Cliff Quarries of the Edgelands. The Edge Wraiths pulled on Wind Jackal's and his son's tether so that Tem Barkwater and Steg Jambles thought that the captin and Quint wanted to be pulled back, which was just what the Edge Wraith wanted. Quint beheaded one and Tem Barkwater and Steg Jambles shot one down with a harpoon dipped in flaming sumpwood tar, and the rest of them retreated.

The Immortals

During the events of The Immortals, Trapper Sluice was killed by an Edge Wraith during Ifflix Hentadile's descent expedition.

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