Edge wraiths attacking Quint

"Edge wraiths. Foul creatures of the void."
-Filbus Queep

Edge wraiths were a species of bat-like carnivore that lived off the side of the Edge cliff. For the most part they subsisted off of carcasses that fell off of the Edge, but they would also attack, sometimes in groups, sometimes alone, any living creatures that came down into their domain. Though Edge wraiths were animals, they had a certain degree of cunning.


Edge wraiths were huge but delicate. Their wingspans were the size of sky ships, but only papery thin. Their hind legs were spidery, long, and had four toes with a sharp, needle-like talon on the end of each. Edge wraiths’ entire bodies were skeletal and white. Edge wraiths’ heads were shrunken and skull-like. Their eyes were watery, milk-white, and disproportionately large in comparison to their heads. Their mouths were beak-like and lined with rapier-sized teeth. Their jaws could open to impossibly huge sizes, big enough to swallow an adult hammelhorn whole. Tiny nasal flaps were located at the top of their mouths, and they were attracted by the smell of blood.

Role in the Edge Chronicles

In the Quint Trilogy

Descending, edge wraith

The descender Trapper Sluice's demise

In Clash of the Sky Galleons, Quint and Wind Jackal were attacked by four Edge wraiths when they visited the cliff quarries in search of Turbot Smeal. One Edge wraith cunningly tugged on Quint and Wind Jackal’s tethers so that Steg Jambles and Tem Barkwater thought that they wanted to be pulled back to the Galerider. They were then pulled right out into empty space where the Edge wraiths could attack them. Quint decapitated that cunning Edge wraith, two more were shot down by Steg with a harpoon dipped in flaming sumpwood tar, and the fourth fled.

In The Immortals

During the events of The Immortals, Trapper Sluice was killed by an Edge wraith during Ifflix Hentadile's descent expedition.