The treacherous and forbidding Edgelands

The Edgelands was a barren, rocky region north of the Twilight Woods and the Deepwoods. An eerie place shrouded in mist, the Edgelands was believed to be home to numerous evil spirits, wraiths and half-formed things, and the region was the subject of much fear and superstition. Those who entered it risked either making a wrong step and falling off the Edge itself, or stumbling into the Twilight Woods and dooming themselves to an eternal living death.

Beneath the lip of the Edgelands was the location of Wilderness Lair, which, during the First Age of Flight, was the place where Sky Pirates often converged during troubled times or to prepare for battle with the League of Free Merchants. At the very tip of the Edgelands was Gloamglozer Rock, a large rock formation which had the shape of the Gloamglozer.

In the Third Age of Flight, academics from Hive performed experiments at the Edgelands and discovered that the mist and howls were due not to a supernatural presence, but to physical processes taking place within the rocks of the Edgeland pavement.

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