"Why, Nate? Why descend the Edge when you could stay here with me?"
- Eudoxia Prade

Eudoxia Prade was the daughter of Galston Prade, a wealthy phraxmine-owner in the city of Great Glade.

Role in The Immortals

Eudoxia, first mistook as the kitchen maid by Nate, became a close friend of Nate Quarter, after defending him from the bullying of her then-boyfriend Branxford Drew. After she and Nate found her father imprisoned by the Gyle Goblins of Hive, they were forced to pose as members of the Hive Militia to help him escape; however, they ended up being dragged into the Battle of the Midwood Marshes, where Eudoxia was fatally wounded by a leadwood bullet. Nate brought her to Riverrise, where, with the healing waters of the Riverrise spring, he was able to revive her in time. Later after they had journeyed to the ruins of Undertown, Eudoxia stayed behind to help rebuild the city, while Nate, with whom she had now fallen in love, descended the cliff-face perhaps never to be seen again.

Role in the Cade Saga

At the very end of Doombringer, a blonde, middleaged woman from Sanctaphrax was coming to the Farrow Ridges and asked for Cade Quarter. Judging from the illustrations and the fact that she came from Sanctaphrax it is likely that this was Eudoxia Prade. This cliffhanger will possibly be resolved in The Descenders.


Adventurous and beautiful, but also forthright and humorous. She was well-educated, intelligent and curious about everything which led her to have many long talks and discussions with the Professor during their journey through the Deepwoods.

Behind the Scenes

The name Eudoxia is derived from ancient greek, meaning "she whose deeds are good" [1].