Fenbrus Lodd was High Librarian during the Rook Trilogy. He was the father of Varis Lodd and Felix Lodd. He was the chief member of the Council of Three, and he later took a position on the Freeglades Council.


Fenbrus Lodd was highly intelligent and valued the books and library as high as any of his children. He was very proud of his daughter, Varis Lodd, who was a successful librarian knight. Disappointed in his son, Felix Lodd, who did not share his love for barkscrolls but rather sought the adventure and became the leader of the Ghosts of Screetown, he stubbornly didn't show a sign of respect when his son later helped rebuilding the Great Library in the Free Glades. He was a good leader, and while harsh and strict also wise and friendly towards many.

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