Settlement Info
Four Lakes
In the Deepwoods
Time Period
First Age of Flight (presumably), Second Age of Flight, Third Age of Flight
The Slaughterers Quest, The Immortals
Governing Body
Four clans, each with a Clan Chief

The Four Lakes was a large settlement in the Second Age of Flight and the Third Age of Flight. The region consisted of the four lakes around which were found the Webfoot Goblin settlements. The four lakes were called Silent One, Shimmerer, Mirror of the Sky, and Lake of Cloud.

Role in The Slaughterer's Quest

During the events of The Slaughterer's Quest, Keris Verginix travelled to the Four Lakes to speak with the Great Blueshell Clam . She wanted to find out more about her father, Twig . After meeting the clam it sent her on a voyage to the Free Glades to meet her grandmother Maris and to seed the South Lake with a new Blueshell Clam.

Distant Future

Several centuries into the Third Age of Flight, the Four Lakes settlements grew larger and became a small city. It was exploited by mire pearlers and the Great Blueshell Clam died. The traditional way of life was lost and those longing for the purer life of the Second Age of Flight founded Fifth Lake Village at Farrow Lake.

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