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A Freeglade Lancer attacking the shrykes in the Battle of Lufwood Mount.

The Freeglade Lancers were soldiers who rode on prowlgrins, protecting the Free Glades in the Second Age of Flight and Great Glade in the Third Age of Flight. They were originally based in the Ironwood Stands in the Free Glades, but moved to the Old Forest District in the Third Age of Flight. They were part of the security force of the Free Glades in the Second Age of Flight, alongside the Cloddertrog Guards and the Librarian Knights; and part of the Great Glade Militia in the Third Age of Flight, alongside the Great Glade Guard, the Phrax-Marines, and the Old Forest Scouts.


The units in the Freeglade Lancers where called splinters. Each splinter consisted of 10 Freeglade Lancers. 5 Splinters made one troop, 25 splinters one branch, 75 splinters one Tree Company and there were 4500 Freeglade Lancers in one Roost. Rufus Filatine, for example was in the Fifth Splinter, High Branch Troop of Scartree Company in the Third Roost. In total, there were 22 500 Freeglade Lancers at the Ironwood tree. Most of the Freeglade Lancers were Gnokgoblins, although there were also many Mobgnomes, Lop-Eared Goblins, Slaughterers and a few Fourthlings.

The different units were led by different ranks. There was for example the title of captain, corporal and commander.

Training and education

All Freeglade Lacers had and excellent relationship with their prowlgrin as in battles, expertise in riding was required. The training began with branch-riding and ironwood jousting. The Freeglade Lancer-to-be gripped his legs around a lower branch of the great ironwood tree and had to remain seated when the branch was bounced up and down and the rider was attacked by Ironwood Pinecones. To train using the lance, the trainee sat in a swing dangling down a branch and tried to hit a target, which, when hit, hit back. When this first stage of training was completed, the Freeglade Lancer would get to learn how to care for a prowlgrin and then select one from Rembit's roost.

To prove themselves, the young Freeglade Lancers had to be blooded to get their caros. The blooding took place in a battle where one proved to be curageous and a valuable part of the Freeglade Lancers. Those without their caros were called cadets.

Notable Freeglade Lancers

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