Galston Prade was the father of Eudoxia Prade, and the owner of the Prade phraxmine.


Before The Immortals

As a young phraxminer he developed Phraxlung, which stayed with him until Nate Quarter and Eudoxia Prade cured him with the sacred water of Riverrise. He worked his way up until he eventually became the owner or the Prade Phraxmine. He employed Abe Quarter as a mine-sergeant, but let much of his work be done by this assistant, Felftis Brack.[citation needed]

Role in The Immortals

He was tricked out of his mansion by Felftis Brack, who took over his business, but was eventually arrested and prosecuted.

After being freed from the Gyle Palace in Hive, Galston Prade proposed establishing phraxship works, the Archemax Yard in Great Glade.