Great Glade was the largest and most influential of the three great cities in the Third Age of Flight. It grew around the Free Glades, a settlement originally established in the Second Age as a safe haven for those fleeing from hardship and tyranny. In Great Glade, the original Free Glades formed the smallest but the most ancient of the city's twelve districts. Its economy was chiefly based upon the phraxdust obtained in the mines of the nearby Twilight Woods, which was used to power everything from sky ships to phraxmuskets. Like the ancient city of Sanctaphrax, Great Glade's Cloud Quarter served as the seat of knowledge and academia in the Edge.

While the city served as a bustling centre of trade and opportunity, it evolved into something very different from the original vision of its founders. Unlike the original Free Glades, Great Glade was not free from poverty and corruption - the merchants and mine owners lived in the luxury in the city's wealthy districts, while the poor slowly worked themselves to death in the phraxmines.

Districts of Great Glade

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