Grint Grayle was the Mine Sergeant of the Prade Phraxmine. He had murdered Abe Quarter, the former Mine Sergeant, and held a special dislike for Abe's son, Nate Quarter. Every ten chests of Stormphrax crystals he shipped to Great Glade, he kept one for himself.

One night when Nate was in The Hulks, a tavern for the Phraxminers, Grint ordered his Hammerhead Goblins to kill Nate. However, when one of them fired their phraxpistol, Rudd jumped in front of Nate, taking the bullet and giving his life to save his friend. When Nate ran off and discovered Grint's stash of stolen stormphrax crystals, he adjusted the Phraxlamp brightness, causing the stormphrax to become extremely heavy and destroy the Blockhouse. Later, Nate Quarter told the whole story to Galston Prade's head clerk, Felftis Brack.