High-jumping was a mounted sport invented in the city of Hive.

It featured a course of fifty wooden ledges that were fixed to the sides of the waterfall that dived the city. Those ledges were called "branches". A trained prowlgrin would leap from branch to branch all the way from the top to the bottom of the waterfall, and the fastest one down won. In the first run, each prowlgrin competing in the race would jump the course one at a time, and in a second run, the two fastest would go head to head, choosing their own route, in a grand race-off.


Bets could be placed on the different Prowlgrins and their riders. Usually a very well known military was the favourite and a bet in outsiders could result in a very big win. The bets were confirmed with a wooden mark with the name of the prowlgrin and the amount of money on it.

Known participants

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