Hive was a city-state in the Third Age of Flight, built upon two large peaks in the centre of The Deepwoods. Hive was the second largest of the three great cities, and principally inhabited by various tribes of goblins, such as Long-Haired Goblins, Gyle Goblins, Hammerhead Goblins, and Flat-Head Goblins. The city was ruled by a council of chiefs from each goblin clan. However, over time the chief of the Long-Haired Goblins became dominant, styling himself the High Clan Chief.

During the period in which The Immortals is set, the High Clan Chief was Kulltuft Warhammer. Kulltuft was ambitious and warmongering, with the ultimate goal of conquering the city of Great Glade. To this end, he cut off all trade with Great Glade, and invested Hive's phraxdust supplies in weaponry for the Hive Militia. Due to the embargo the people of Hive fell upon terrible poverty, and the streets of Hive were swarmed by beggars.

Warhammer ruled the city with an iron fist. Those who dissented were punished using a brutal process known as Barrelling, in which the offender was sealed in a barrel and dropped down the Hive waterfall, to be smashed to pieces on the rocks below.

While Nate Quarter was in Hive, the war with Great Glade finally occurred. The Hive Militia clashed with the Great Glade Militia at the Battle of the Midwood Marshes, and was soundly defeated. When the beaten soldiers returned to Hive, the news sparked a massive uprising. Kulltuft Warhammer was assassinated by Firemane Clawhand, the other clan chiefs were overthrown, and a new, democratic council was founded to govern the city.

Districts of Hive

Notable Buildings in Hive

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