A hover-worm.

Hover-Worms are large worm-like predators which suspend themselves above the ground with jets of air issuing from ducts on their underbellies. Hover-Worms attack with sucker-tipped tentacles protruding from their mouth. The suckers administer a lethal vemon which transforms into hot air inside the injected body. This causes the unfortunate victim to swell, start floating and eventually explode, unless an antidote of Charlock and Hempleaf is immediately administered.

Related Species

Hover-Worms are very similar to Logworms, which hover above the ground in the same way.


Gristle Tatum was attacked by a hover-worm during the events of Beyond the Deepwoods. It bit him on the leg, but Twig managed to slay the hover-worm and get Gristle to safety.

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