The Knights Academic were an elite group of warriors who undertook stormchasing voyages in the name of the city of Sanctaphrax.

Training of a Knight Academic

Future knights had to be the sons or proteges of important academics on Sanctaphrax. A future knight academic entered the Knights' Academy as a Lower Halls squire. The squire would train in the four Lower Halls: the Hall of Storm Cloud, where they would learn about sky ships, the Hall of White Cloud, where they would learn the elements of stormchasing, the Hall of Grey Cloud, where they learned about the care of Prowlgrins, and Hall of High Cloud, where they learned about the Great Storms themselves. After this the majority of squires would become academics-at-arms, but a select few would be chosen to graduate to the Upper Halls of the Academy, where they would begin training as knights academic. Eventually, they would become knights academic-in-waiting, and would take up residence in the Thirteen Towers until a Great Storm arrived, when they would be knighted by the Most High Academe and sent stormchasing.

Notable Knights Academic

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