The Knights Academy was one of the seven major schools of Sanctaphrax. It was here where one was trained to become a Knight Academic or an Academic-at-Arms.

The process of graduating the Knights Academy was long and involves passing four halls:White Cloud, Grey Cloud, High Cloud, and Storm Cloud.

The Hall of Storm Cloud

In this hall, squires learnt the art of sky-sailing. Each squire would have to construct an acccurate model sky ship and successfully sail it through an artificial storm. The hall master was Arboretum Sicklebough.

The Hall of White Cloud

In this hall the squires learnt of battle. The hall master was the great knight Philius Embertine who completed not one, but two stormchasing voyages.

The Hall of Grey Cloud

In this hall squires were taught the husbandry of Prowlgrins. Each squire would be given a baby prowlgrin and tasked with successfully training and raising it. The hall master was Fenviel Vendix.

The Hall of High Cloud

In this hall squires were taught the science of stormchasing and the weather. The hall master was Hax Vostillix.

Sections of the Knights Academy

Notable residents of the Knights Academy

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