Lakeside was a cluster of buildings in New Undertown beside North Lake.

It was home to a multitude of buildings and business centers; including bartering-halls, merchant-towers, galleries, taverns, hostels, shops, stables, and stalls. It also had a lake.

During the War for the Freeglades, specifically the Battle for New Undertown, a variety of Glade-eaters invaded Lakeside. Eventually, every last Glade-eater was dispatched after falling into the lake. Hemuel Spume perished after the Glade-eater he was riding plunged into the lake.

Simultaneously in this battle, a group of Symbite Goblins invaded Lakeside, lead by Flat-Head Goblin overseers. However, the Symbite Goblins were reluctant and fearful during their attack, and had to be forced forward by the Flat-Heads. After the sky pirates had killed the overseers, the Symbites fled Lakeside.