Lakeside was a promenade and cluster of buildings in New Undertown located along the northeastern shore of North Lake.

It was home to a multitude of buildings and business centers; including bartering-halls, merchant-towers, galleries, taverns, hostels, shops, stables, and stalls.[1]

After inadvertently seeding the South Lake with new life, Tweezel and Keris Verginix passed through Lakeside on their way to the Lufwood Inn.[2]

It was mentioned during the celebrations following the end of the Second Great Migration. All along the length of the thoroughfare were lines of stalls serving free food and drink, from goblets of winesap to warm tankards of oakmead. A group of lugtrolls were astonished when a gabtroll told them that the fare on offer was free of charge.[1]

Following a meeting with the High Librarian, Fenbrus Lodd, Rook Barkwater whistled as he strolled down Lakeside on his way to the Ironwood Glade to enlist in the Freeglade Lancers.[3]

During the War for the Freeglades, specifically the Battle for New Undertown, a variety of glade-eaters invaded Lakeside. Eventually, every last glade-eater was dispatched after falling into North Lake. Foundry Master of the Foundry Glades, Hemuel Spume, perished after the glade-eater he was riding plunged into the lake.[4]

Simultaneously in this battle, a group of symbite goblins invaded Lakeside, lead by flathead goblin overseers. However, the symbite goblins were reluctant and fearful during their attack, and had to be forced forward by the flatheads. After the sky pirates and Ghosts of New Undertown had killed the overseers, the symbites fled Lakeside.[4]


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