A lanternjaw eating a ghost quarm

Lanternjaws were a worm-like species of Deepwoods predator that were rare because they lived solely in the sumpwood stands of the Midwood Marshes. They were serpentine, and their bodies were thinner at the tail end and thicker at the head end. Their tails were wrapped around the upper roots of sumpwood trees, so they dangled in mid-air, and their heads were broad, angular, and had small eyes and writhing feelers. Ghost quarms were the food source of lanternjaws. Lanternjaws would catch them by swooping down from the upper roots where they were anchored with incredible speed and swallowing the ghost quarms whole with huge, fang-tipped jaws. The ghost quarm would then be slowly moved further into the lanterjaw's body with powerful, rippling muscles.[1]


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