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This is a list of every death in The Edge Chronicles. It records who died, who/what killed them, the time and place of their death, and their last words.

Deaths in the Edge Chronicles

First Age of Flight

Character Killed by Cause of death Last Words Place of death Book/ time of death
Yena Pallitax Maris Pallitax (indirectly) Childbirth Unknown The birthing room in the Palace of Shadows 1 ᴇ.ʏ.
Hirmina, Lucius, Centix, Murix, Pellius and Martilius Verginix Turbot Smeal Fire Palace in the Western Quays 3 ᴇ.ʏ.
Turbot Smeal Himself (indirectly) Screams Western Quays
Grim and Grem Hammerhead Goblins Unknown Unknown The Great Sky Whale above the Deepwoods 14 ᴇ.ʏ. (Cloud Wolf)
Various Sky Pirates Hammerhead Goblins Battle wounds/ varies Varies/Unknown
Various Hammerhead Goblins Sky Pirates
Marl Mankroyd N/A Hurtling "Come here, the three of you. Explain yourselves."
Marl Mankroyd's Hammerhead guard Hurtling Varies/Unknown
Bungus Septrill Rogue Glister Glister attack "Where is the chine?" The Stonecomb of the Sanctaphrax rock 15 ᴇ.ʏ. (The Curse of the Gloamglozer)
Seftus Leprix Tweezel Hover-worm venom "You imbe... blmfff" Above the School of Mist
Bagswill "Your face! It’s beginning to swell up!"
Linius Pallitax Gloamglozer Injuries caused by fire "C ... can’t breathe." The School of Mist 15 ᴇ.ʏ. (The Curse of the Gloamglozer)
Digit N/A Cold/Illness N/A Heft Vespius' house in the Western Quays 16 ᴇ.ʏ.
Hemphix Root, Hophix, Dantius, Queritis, Plax, Willandis, Xallix Flint, and at least 6 other Knights Academic Hax Vostillix (indirectly) Hurtling into Open Sky Varies/Unknown Above the Knights Academy 16 ᴇ.ʏ. (The Winter Knights)
Tonsor Wexis and Quiltis Wistelweb Themselves Thrown into Open Sky by a broken catapult The Swivel-Catapults
Hax Vostillix Vilnix Pompolnius Woodwasp stings "Must be something... I... ate..." The Hall of High Cloud
Various Gatekeepers Various Academics-at-Arms Battle wounds/ varies Varies/Unknown The Inner Courtyard and Central Staircase of the Knights Academy
Various Academics-at-Arms Various Gatekeepers
Squeak A Gatekeeper A crossbow bolt A cry of pain The Inner Courtyard
Fabius Dydex Various Gatekeepers Crossbow bolts "Squeak! Don‘t worry boy..."
Daxiel Xaxis Sigbord Stabbing "Never!" The Knights Academy
Philius Embertine N/A Illness "Now I can begin my voyage to Open Sky..."
Blink Zelt Pink-Eye Arrow "Yeeaaoowaargh!" The Deepwoods 16 ᴇ.ʏ. (The Stone Pilot)
Garum Gall Slavers Crossbow bolts A gurgling scream On the Galerider above the Deepwoods
Ramrock Zelt Pink-Eye Arrow "Annghh!"
Zelt Pink-Eye, Ilmus Pentephraxis, among other slavers The crew of the Galerider Crashed skyship Varies/Unknown The Deepwoods
Nibblick Thaw Daggerslash Slow-acting poison N/A Thelvis Hollrig's Sky Shipyard 17 ᴇ.ʏ. (Clash of the Sky Galleons)
Waif Assassin Menisculis Stabbing Aaaiiii!Sluice Tower of Undertown
Menisculis Thaw Daggerslash Falling from The Edge Help me! Help me. Help...
A mobgnome Imbix Hoth's Shryke Guards Eaten alive A blood-curdling shriek The Stone Gardens
Ratbit A storm Falling from the Galerider Unknown The Deepwoods
Sagbutt Grey Goblins Arrow ”We cook great feast together...” On the Galerider in the Deepwoods
Filbus Queep Stabbing “Yes, Sagbutt, old friend, we’ll cook great feasts together...”
Steg Jambles Bloodoak Eaten alive “Told you I’d look after you.” The Deepwoods
Imbix Hoth’s Shryke guards Patricule Drowning Varies/Unknown The Tarry Vine tavern
Wind Jackal Thaw Daggerslash Stabbing ““ Aboard the sky wreck
Imbix Hoth and Ruptus Pentephraxis among others Zaphix Nemulis (indirectly) Skyship crash Varies/Unknown The Deepwoods
A battle-flock of pedigree black shrykes Screeching
Thaw Daggerslash Hubble Mauling “Greatest Sky pirate captain... that ever lived...” The Galerider
Raintasters Themselves Stormphrax explosion Varies/Unknown The Raintasters' Tower in the College of Rain 18 ᴇ.ʏ.
Anonymous Banderbear Wig-Wigs Eaten alive “Fr-uh-nz.” The Deepwoods 33 ᴇ.ʏ. (Beyond the Deepwoods)
Cloddertrog Vilnix Pompolnius (indirectly) Crushed by an emergency chain "Keep your murderous red hands off me!" Undertown near Flabsweat’s shop 35 ᴇ.ʏ. (Stormchaser)
Tendon Hammelherd Himself Stormphrax explosion "You're sure about that?" Undertown
Mim and her family Screedius Tollinix Cut throat Wishing Screed a good night The Mire
Mugbutt Hubble Mauling Roar Above the Twilight Woods
Slyvo Spleethe Broken Spine "I am captain now!"
Forficule Himself Stormphrax explosion "Here we go." Undertown
Slitch Forficule "What are you doing? NO!"
Hubble N/A Injuries from falling "T-wuh-g. Wuh-wuh. Fr-uh-nz..." The Mire
Spiker Screedius Tollinix Cut throat Gurgling
Screedius Tollinix Twig Stabbing "Sanctaphrax."
The Professor of Light N/A Injuries from falling "Tell... Professor of Darkness... You can... trust... him..."
Vilnix Pompolnius Gnokgoblin basket-puller Falling "AAAAaaarggh!" Undertown
Simenon Xintax, Farquhar Armwright and Ulbus Pentephraxis The Mother Storm Crushed by the rudder wheel of the Edgedancer Varies/Unknown The Palace of Statues 36 ᴇ.ʏ. (Midnight Over Sanctaphrax)
A waterwaif A leagesman Stabbing "The Wig-Wig... Arena..." The Great Shryke Slave Market
Thunderbolt Vulpoon Wig-wigs Eaten alive "Why? For the love of Sky, why are you doing this?" Wig-Wig Arena in the Great Shryke Slave Market
Mother Muleclaw I "No, have pity..."
Spooler Reed-eels Poison "Aaargh! Aaaargh! AAAAARGH!" The Deepwoods
Tuntum Snatchwood N/A Illness Unknown The Woodtroll Village
Professor of Darkness Carried out to Open Sky "No! It cannot be! No!" Open Sky
The Professors of Windtouching, Coudwatching, Fogprobing, Phsycho-Climatic Studies, among other academics Varies/Unknown
Sinew Verginix Illness Unkown Slaughterer Village 47 ᴇ.ʏ.
Wingnut Sleet A Storm Falling Scream Above the Thorn Forests 36-52 ᴇ.ʏ. (Inconsistency)
Jervis Crushed by rigging Gasps
Teasel Madness Falling Incoherent babble
Stile N/A Broken heart Unknown Unknown
Grimlock, Bogwitt, Tarp Hammelherd Grimlock (indirectly) Blackwater Fever Varies/Unknown Above the Edgelands 52 ᴇ.ʏ.
Glade Harrier N/A Skyship crash "The age of flight has ended." The valley of the ironwood stands 60 ᴇ.ʏ. (The Slaughterer's Quest)

Second Age of Flight

Character Killed by Cause of death Last Words Place of death Book/ time of death
Keris and Shem Barkwater Slavers Unknown Varies/Unknown The Deepwoods 76 ᴇ.ʏ.
A small goblin A shryke guard Crushed skull "I didn't mean to... I beg you. I—" The Great Mire Road 84 ᴇ.ʏ. (The Last of the Sky Pirates)
Sister Hinnytalon Deadbolt Vulpoon Beheading "There is only one thing standing between me and my goal, you."
Various librarian knights elect Shrykes Unknown Varies/Unknown Eastern Roost
Codsap Rook Falling "Thank you, thank you, friend, for releasing me when I lacked the courage to jump..." The dungeons of the Tower of Night
Rummel Slab Crossbow bolt Anguished yodelling cry On the Skyraider near the Tower of Night
Meeru Guardians of Night A harpoon Unknown
Loom Himself Leaping from the Skyraider
Slab The crew of the Skyraider Heavy weaponry "Got you!" The Tower of Night
Many other Guardians of Night Varies/Unknown
Maugin Golderayce One-Eye Poison dart Unknown The Garden of Life 86 ᴇ.ʏ.
Birdwhistle, Jaspel and Gizzlewit Themselves Explosions Varies/Unknown Palace of Statues c. 86 ᴇ.ʏ.
Librarian Knights Rock Demons Eaten alive Piercing screams Screetown 87 ᴇ.ʏ. (Vox)
Glitch Vox Verlix Pendulum booby trap Unknown Palace of Statues
Speegspeel Rook Barkwater Crushed by a stone head "The statues got old Speegspeel. They got old Speegspeel in the end." Palace of Statues
Orbix Xaxis The Dark Maelstrom Lightning bolt "Hail, the Great Storm!" Midnight's Spike
Alquix Venvax Shrykes Arrows "The library has been saved! Long live the Great Library..." The Blackwood Bridge in the Undertown Sewers
Dunkrigg Shryke Mauling Groans
Slad Sister Slashtalon "WHOOOAAAAA!"
Sister Slashtalon Slad Stabbing "More! More!"
The Goblin army and the Shryke battle flock Rock Demons Eaten alive Varies/Unknown
Vox Verlix The Dark Maelstrom Buried by the collapsing Palace of Statues "Ooowww!" Palace of Statues
Hestera Spikesap "You, my sweetness, all to myself."
Librarian Knights Shrykes Fire catapults Varies/Unknown Above the Eastern Roost 88 ᴇ.ʏ. (Freeglader)
Captain Henkel Mauling "They're gorging on the dead, and when they're finished... then they'll come for us." On the Lufwood Mount
Mother Muleclaw III Xanth Filatine Decapitation "KAAAAR-KAAAAR-KAAAAR!"
Shryke Battle Flock Freeglade Lancers/ Themselves Varies "Kiii-kiii-kiii."
Rumpel, Rudder and Reel Grope, and many others Hemuel Spume (indirectly) Foundry-Croup and exhaustion Varies/Unknown The Foundry Glades
Varis Lodd and her squadron Goblins/ Glade-Eaters Varies Above the new Great Library
Hemuel Spume Ghosts of Screetown/ Librarian Knights Boiled alive "I... SAID, TO... THE... TOWER!" North Lake
Furnace Masters Boiled alive Varies/Unknown
Hemtuft Battleaxe, Rootrott Underbiter, Meegmewl the Grey, Grossmother Meadowdew, Lytugg Friends of the Harvest Decapitation The Barley fields
Amberfuce Flambusia Flodfox Boiled alive "No... no... no... No, please, Flambusia! Noooo!" The Palace of the Furnace Masters
A nameless one Sergeant Logglimb Speared Furious howling The Deepwoods south of the Freeglades 102 ᴇ.ʏ. (The Blooding of Rufus Filatine)
The Gyles and 5 prowlgrin mounts Sister Blackbeak Phraxfire globe Unknown The Foundry Glades
Gaddius Felludine Hammerhead goblins Unknown The Deepwoods
Lance Corporal Degg Fledder Hammerhead Goblins
Sister Blackbeak Rook Barkwater Decapitation “Fire!” Lentil Spume’s Foundry glade
Squive Rufus Filatine Stabbing Unknown
Lentil Spume Himself Fire “Nobody shall learn the secrets of phraxfire!”

Third Age of Flight

Character Killed by Cause of death Last Words Place of death Book/ time of death
Tweezel N/A Natural causes Unknown Free Glades 185 ᴇ.ʏ.
Abe Quarter Grint Grayle Unknown The Prade phraxmine c. 650 ᴇ.ʏ. (The Immortals)
Rudd Grint Grayle Bullet “No!” The Hulks
A Black-Eared Goblin Ambris Hentadile Stabbing “Whatever you say, Professor." The Deadbolt Vulpoon above the Deepwoods
Leegwelt the Mottled Kulltuft Warhammer Crushed skull “I am speaking, I have the Mace of Hive.” The Clan Hall of Hive
Friston Drew Branxford Drew Stormphrax explosion Unknown Gremlop and Drew stiltshop in Copperwood
Oakshank N/A Broken neck The Deepwoods
Gorlan The Great Glade Militia Unknown The Midwood marshes
A Waif guide Custodians of Riverrise Wounds caused by thorns Loud cries The Waif Trail in the Thorn Forests
Kulltuft Warhammer Firemane Clawhand Decapitation “What - what are you doing Firemane?” The Clan Hall of Hive
Firemane Clawhand The Hive Militia Barrelling Pleading cries Hive
Golderayce’s flitterwaif Nate Quarter Fire “An intruder!” Kobold’s steps
Golderayce One-Eye Caterbird Poison dart “He ... e... elp me... I ...” The Garden of Life
Branxford Drew Phraxmarines Phraxcannon shell Unknown The Deepwoods
Lendil Spix N/A Falling from the Edge The Edge cliffs
Trapper Sluice Edge wraith Eaten alive
Centix Thripp Himself Falling from the Edge ”It’s been an honour knowing you, Hentadile”
Ifflix Hentadile The Gloamglozer Stabbed by falling glass ”Finish this, for ever!” The Ancient Laboratory
The Gloamglozer The Immortals Removal of its glister "Your friends are dead! Why not join them?" Sanctaphrax
Other gloamglozers Speared by The Immortals' lightning Wails of terror
Sensa Quarter N/A 'Wasters' fever Unknown Great Glade c. 668 ᴇ.ʏ.
Celestia Helmstoft's mother Infection from breaking her leg The Farrow Ridges c. 675 ᴇ.ʏ.
Tug's mother Red dwarf slavers Various wounds The Nightwoods
Many webfoot goblins Mire Pearlers Varies Four Lakes
The Great Blueshell Clam Mire Pearlers Phrax explosions N/A Mirror of the Sky
Thadeus Quarter Quove Lentis Pushed from a tower Unknown Central Tower of the School of Flight c. 680 ᴇ.ʏ. (The Nameless One)
A lop-eared goblin, a pair of pink-eyed goblin twins, a mobgnome and a flat-head goblin N/A Falling Screams Highest gantry in The Ledges
A cloddertrog Teggtut or Mank "Room for one more, I reckon."
A tufted goblin A Skymarshal Sky-Firing Appeals for mercy The Xanth Filatine
A Skymarshal Drax Arereth Blowpipe dart "Oh, but I can."
Lemtrius Korn and Hengruel Paxis "How dare you?"
Goom N/A Natural causes Yodelling The Farrow Ridges
A fourthling and flat-head mire pearlers Cade Falling "What in Sky's name is a release val—" Gart Ironside's platform c. 681 ᴇ.ʏ. (Doombringer)
Ten of Phineal's brother clam-tenders Mire Pearlers Varies Unknown The Farrow Ridges
Hundreds of hammerhead goblins of the Hammerhead Nations
Crote White Trog Queen Speared in the neck "Say goodbye to Farrow Lake, boy. It belongs to us now..." First cave of the Five Falls
Mire Pearlers Logworms Eaten alive Screaming The Farrow Ridges
Merton Hoist Tug Crushed "This is the Third Age, and you and your friends are history..." Aboard the Doombringer

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Weird New Worlds (no longer canon)

Character Killed by Cause of death Last words Place of death Time of death
Woodfish N/A Natural causes "...And the most excellent woodgrog." The Deepwoods c. 662 ᴇ.ʏ. (Weird New Worlds)
Roughly twenty Mire Pearlers Farrow Lake Calvalry Varies
Luggins Waif Assassin Poison dart Load roaring School of Earth Studies
Waif Assassin Threnodesse Stabbing Wailing shrieking
Roughly twenty Hammerhead Goblins of the Farrow Lake Infantry Mire Pearlers Varies The Farrow Ridges
Mire Pearlers Farrow Lake Calvalry Bullets
Members of the Farrow Lake Calvalry Mire Pearlers
Mire Pearlers Freeglade Lancers Varies Bloodcurdling cries
Felvis Yellowmane Hedgethorne Lammergyre Stab in the heart Throaty gurgling
Alcestia Helmstoft Mire Pearlers Various wounds Unknown The Water Caverns
Defenders of the First Age Hedgethorne Lammergyre, Bragsworn, or Lara Chillax Bullets The Farrow Ridges c. 663 ᴇ.ʏ. (Weird New Worlds)
Hench Forden Drew Bullet "Keep resisting, and you’ll be destroyed along with it! All of you! Even that young whelp I heard scream…"

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