This page contains information on proper Wiki formatting on The Edge Chronicles Wiki. It would be very helpful if you followed this manual of style for editing pages. If you are unsure about something or do something that is not quite correct, that mistake can easily be corrected by another user, so no worries, you don't need to know these rules by heart. But to keep the standard of the wiki high and the style of the wiki consistent it is useful to follow certain guidelines. There might always be some new rules established in the Chat (Sunday, 6:00 pm UTC) which you can find here: Minutes of the Chat. Please also read the Categorisation Policy and the Sources and appearances policy.

Always Follow These Rules of Editing

  • Avoid grammar or spelling mistakes. When using the classic editor, click on "Preview" to double-check your edits. If you are not sure about something, ask for someone to check on your edits in the summary of your edit.
  • Try to write factual, neutral articles. Avoid stylistic devices, suspense, exclamation marks and speculation.
  • We do not have a very consistent source/quotation policy, as this was not done from the beginning on. However, it would be nice if you could add the book titles in the appearances section of an info box or mention the book in a sentence somewhere.
  • Always use the past tense. For example, say "Twig was..." rather than "Twig is...". Operate under the assumption that everything to do with the Edgeworld happened in the past.
  • The first time the subject of the page is mentioned, type it in bold. The "the" at the start of a page should be bold, along with the page name. (E.g. "The Boom Docks...") However, in the case of sky-ship or book names, only the exact title should be italicised. (E.g. "The Bringer of Doom...")
  • The first time a character is mentioned on a page, type out their full name, first and last. Any times after that, you may type out a shorter, more convenient version of their name. For example for the first mention of Cade in an article, type "Cade Quarter" and for each mentioned after that type "Cade."
  • Italicise all names of books and sky ships. This doesn't include things like the Rook Trilogy or the Cade Saga.
  • Avoid speculation. Any piece of information on the wiki must be stated with certainty. This means you should not use words like "Presumably" or "Probably". Sometimes you may state something not specifically mentioned as a fact if that information can be easily inferred. Information form the text is considered more accurate than information from illustrations, but that is acceptable as well.
  • Don't use periods/full stops in image captions.
  • If there are two pages with the same title, they should both be specified by brackets () in their titles
  • All lists should be in alphabetical order, with the exception of books, which should be in Edgeworld chronological order.
  • Categorise pages, but remember to use existing categories and pay attention to their descriptions on what they actually belong to. See The Edge Chronicles wiki:Categorisation Policy.
  • Please use ᴇ.ʏ. rather than E.Y. when referring to dates (copy and paste it or use the template E.Y. in the Visual Editor. In Classic or Source editor, simply type {{E.Y.}} which will appear as ᴇ.ʏ..

Follow These Suggestions Whenever Possible

  • Separate large pages using headings and subheadings. Ideally, articles should be structured like this one.
  • Provide a picture, if there is an applicable one available.
  • Add an infobox if possible and useful (meaning characters, settlements and sky ships where enough information is provided). Take a look at existing infoboxes to get an understanding of the proper way to create one.