This page contains information on proper Wiki formatting on The Edge Chronicles Wiki.

Always Follow These Rules of Editing

  • Always use the past tense. For example, say "Twig was..." rather than "Twig is...". Operate under the assumption that everything to do with the Edgeworld happened in the past.
  • The first time the subject of the page is mentioned, type it in boldface.
  • Italicise all names of books and sky ships. Although this is not an official rule, it is common practice.
  • Do not use speculation. Any piece of information on the wiki must be stated with certainty. This means you should not use words like "Presumably" or "Probably". Sometimes you may state something not specifically mentioned as a fact if that information can be easily inferred.

Follow These Suggestions Whenever Possible

  • Provide a picture, if there is an applicable one available.
  • When creating a character page, use a Character Infobox. Take a look at existing infoboxes to get an understanding of the proper way to create one.

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