Mim was the leader of a group of ten gnokgoblins traveling from the Deepwoods to Undertown in the hope of a better life. Upon emerging from the Twilight Woods, Mim was approached by Screed Toe-Taker, who offered her his services as a guide at the price of fifty gold pieces per goblin. Initially, Mim refused, but she realized very quickly that a guide would be necessary if she and the nine members of her family were all to safely cross the Mire. Upon changing her mind, Screed raised his price to a hundred gold pieces per goblin--their entire savings.

Screed led Mim and her family halfway across the Mire to the wreck of the Windcutter, and told them to rest for the night. When the gnokgoblins were asleep, Screed slaughtered the entire group, cut off their toes, and extracted the tiny crystals of stormphrax that had collected underneath the toenails.