Mindip, sitting at the front of a prowlgrin-drawn cart.

"I'd slit your throat right here right now if you werent so valuable, get him out of their Krote!"
-Mindip talking to Rook in the slave market

Mindip was a mobgnome who lived in Undertown during the Rook trilogy. He and his assistant, Krote, set up misery holes to catch Undertowners to sell in the Slave Market. At one point, he caught Rook and Gilda. Rook attacked Mindip, allowing Gilda to escape, but Krote knocked him out, and he was taken to the Slave Market and sold.He particulalry hated Rook because he had cut him with his sword and allowed Glend to escape him. He threatened to slit Rook's throat if he wasnt so valuable.

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