"I'm not forcing you to come with me. If you can cross the Mire with its sinking-mud and poisonous blow-holes--not to mention the muglumps, oozefish and white ravens that would rip you apart as soon as look at you...Well, it's your choice."

-Screed Toe-Taker

The Mire was a large, toxic wasteland between Undertown and the Twilight Woods. It was the dumpsite of Undertown's chemicals and was covered in bleached white mud.

During the First Age of Flight

Before the construction of the Great Mire Road, the trip across the Mire was treacherous. The toxic blowholes and quickmud captured many an unfortunate soul, if they were fortunate enough not to be eaten by Muglumps first. Most inhabitants of the Mire were bleached as white as the mud around them. Several of them acted as guides. One such guide was Screed Toe-Taker, who acted as a guide in the Mire to creatures trying to reach Undertown, then killed them, cut off their toes to claim their residue of phraxdust, and added them to his collection.

During the Second Age of Flight

A few decades after Screed was killed, Vox Verlix designed the Great Mire Road, a long bridge stretching from Undertown, through the Twilight Woods, and ending in the Deepwoods. This made traveling across the Mire much safer and easier, although the Great Mire Road came under control of the Shrykes, so any traveler along the road had to pay taxes to the shryke sisters and enter the Eastern Roost. When stone-sickness struck, many of the sky pirates of the Edge landed their ships in one location known as the Armada of the Dead, and raided the Great Mire Road whenever possible.

During the Third Age of Flight

Centuries into the Third Age of Flight, the Mire was no longer the dead wasteland it once was; instead, it became a great grassy plain, full of numerous species of birds. However, the blowholes that made the Mire dangerous are still active. One such blowhole damaged the hull of the Archemax on one of its journeys to the Edge cliff when it ejected mud.

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