"Seize them! No-one threatens the roost-mother and lives!"
-Mother Muleclaw

Mother Muleclaw the First was the Roost-Mother of the Great Shryke Slave Market during the Twig trilogy. Thunderbolt Vulpoon had planned to sell Twig and Cowlquape to her, but Twig mutinied and sold him to the Roost-Mother instead. Later on, as Twig and Cowlquape journeyed through the makert, they discovered Goom's location, the Wig-Wig Arena, with the help of a dying waterwaif, who Twig mistook for Woodfish.  Twig severed the ropes on the Royal Box in the Wig-Wig Arena, sending her plummeting into the arena, where she was devoured by wig-wigs.

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