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Nameless Ones

Three Nameless Ones, enslaved and brutalized in the Phrax Glade.

Nameless One hatchling
Nameless Ones were massive primitive creatures which originated from beyond Riverrise. They were not categorised by the Librarians or mentioned in any academic material, hence the name "Nameless Ones".

Nameless Ones could have varying appearances, and any number of horns, tusks, eyes and teeth. The only characteristic they all shared was their massive size. Red-Dwarves and Black-Dwarves were known to use Nameless Ones as beasts of burden, inflicting brutal injuries to keep them docile and subservient.

Notable Nameless Ones


Enslavement in the Phrax Glade

A massive number of these creatures were enslaved by Squive and forced to work in the Phrax Glade during the events of The Blooding of Rufus Filatine. One of them escaped and headed in the direction of the Free Glades. Rufus Filatine and his splinter pursued the creature in an effort to prevent it from causing any harm, but were forced to kill it when Rufus threw himself into its path to warn a nearby group of woodtrolls.

The Freeglade Lancers brought back the body of the Nameless One to the Free Glades, cleaned up the corpse, and attempted to determine what had driven it insane. The evidence suggested that this specimen had been working in the ruins of the Foundry Glades. The Freeglade Lancers journeyed to the destroyed glade and discovered that the Nameless Ones were being forced to transport material between the Foundry Glades and the Phrax Glade. After the events of the Battle of the Phrax Glade, the enslaved Nameless Ones were released.

Construction of Thorn Gate

During the Third Age of Flight, the waifs of Riverrise turned to the Dwarves to create Thorn Gate. The Dwarves constructed and maintaned the vast tunnel by using Nameless One labor.


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