Belphinius Mendellix, known as Phin by his friends, was a Raintaster's son who entered the Knights Academy.  


Role in The Winter Knights

Phin was the first person Quint encountered in the Knights Academy and became a close friend. After the education as a Lower Hall Squire, Phin became an Apprentice Swordmaster. Together with Raffix, Stope and Quint, they formed the "Winter Knights" to stop the Endless Winter threatening Sanctaphrax.

Role in Clash of the Sky Galleons

During the events of Clash of the Sky Galleons, Phin helped harvest the gigantic flight rock from the Stone Gardens to make the Bringer of Doom, a league ship. He later took up a position aboard the Galerider, supporting Quint in the battle against the Bringer of Doom.

Distant Future

Phin became swordmaster in the academic-at-arms corp, and was described as the finest they ever had.  

It is unknown what happened to him later, but after Vilnix Pompolnius dismantled the Knights Academy, Phin probably had to find work somewhere else as this meant that the academic-at-arms were no longer needed. 


Phin probably came from a rich background as only the wealthiest families could afford to send their sons to the prestigious Knights Academy in Sanctaphrax. This made Phin very sure of his place in the world, light-hearted and while kind, it also led him to overlook things like Stope's injuries, which Quint noticed and treated. Phin was always ready to crack a joke, usually grinning widely and while he didn't show great interest in weather studies, he pursued his career as an academic-at-arms with great ambition.