Phineal Glyfphith was a Tusked Webfoot Goblin - in Weird New Worlds and Crested Webfoot-in Cade Saga from the Farrow Ridges. He was the founder of Fifth Lake Village and a protector of the Great Blueshell Clam of Farrow Lake. He appeared in different ways in Weird New Worlds as well as in Doombringer, the second book of the Cade Saga.

Role in the Cade Saga

Phineal Glyfphith got to know Cade when he caused a snagtooth to attack Nate's boat. He was an explorer from Four Lakes, which was destroyed when the skytaverns began to arrive, so the Webfoot Goblins search for a new home in the clear water of the Farrow Lake. He discovered a Great Blueshell Clam there and took Cade for a dive, providing him with a mask with fennith, an anchor stone and glade-grass flippers.

Soon, Phineal's fellow Webfoot Goblins from the other lakes arrive with ancient skycrafts, celebrating the finding of another Great Blueshell Clam. The Webfoot Goblins decide to stay at the Farrow Ridges, wanting to live the purer, simpler life of the Second Age of Flight. They founded the Fifth Lake Village at the Farrow Ridges and joined the others in the battle against the Mirepearlers.

Role in Weird New Worlds

He was the Webfoot that discovered the Great Blueshell Clam of Farrow Lake. He owned a phraxmarine, the Spirit of Keris, and accidentally killed a young Borella with its propellor. After it he found orphan borella cub  in the Black Lake and bring it to mother Boralla to make amends. Thanks to this return he found Great Blueshell Clam, exploring the lake with Hedgethorn Lammergyre. Became a mariner of The Farrow Lake Militia, with other Webfoots. Later suggested to change the name of the lake into The Cloud Catcher in honour of Great Blueshell Clam, but, the lake wasn't renamed, just every clan can name it as they like.


Phineal Glyfphith

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