Quiltis Wistelweb was a squire that attended the Knights Academy with Quint in Sanctaphrax. He and his friend, Tonsor Wexis, became Academics-at-Arms, and were assigned to the Knights Academy Swivel-Catapults. Quiltis and Tonsor were killed when a catapult malfunctioned and launched them into Open Sky.

Role in The Winter Knights

Quiltis Wistelweb was a squire at the Knights Academy at the same time as Quint. He was amazingly friendly, and was known for joking around with his friend, Tonsor. Phin, in particular liked him, although many considered him nice. He became an Academic-at-Arms, but was tragically killed, along with his friend, Tonsor, when a malfuncioning catapult launched him into Open Sky. The entire Academy Barracks mourned the tragic loss of such a friendly, athletic, and amazing squire.

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