Sapgrape fields at the base of East Ridge

" Aaaah! Pure nectar."

Sapwine, also known as winesap, was an alcoholic beverage made through the fermentation of sapgrapes. A fancy drink, sapwine was typically enjoyed by the more affluent figures in the Edgeworld, or on special occasions by those less well-off. Good sapwine tended to taste intense and sweet, with flavours of sun-ripened grapes, meadowgrass and other spices. Mulled sapwine could be produced by heating sapwine with mulling spices. Vintage sapwine could be made by ageing the drink in a cellar; the older the wine, the better the taste.  

During The Curse of the Gloamglozer, Bagswill and Seftus Leprix attemped to murder Linius Pallitax with a bottle of sapwine poisoned with hover-worm venom, however Tweezel outsmarted them and sent the bottle back to them, which they drank.  

Hive's Sapwine Industry

The city of Hive was famous for it's quality sapwine, especially the district of Low Town, which produced the best sapwine in all the Edge, according to Thorne Lammergyre. Blue-jacketed workers from the pressing mills and sap-sheds were a common sight in Low Town. The Caves were home to sapwine cellars, where Gorlan worked. Some barrels were stored there for more than 500 years until the Bloody Blades seized them.