Sky-taverns were a class of exceptionally large phraxships which acted primarily as luxury cruise liners for the affluent inhabitants of the Edge. Additionally, they sometimes carried cargo - the Deadbolt Vulpoon, at least, is shown receiving phrax crystals mined at the Prade Phraxmine, to transfer them to Great Glade.


Only one class of sky-tavern has been shown so far - an unnamed class to which the identical Deadbolt Vulpoon and Xanth Filatine belong.

Sky-taverns are extremely large, comparable to the Great Sky Whale of the First Age of Flight, and harbour a great many inhabitants, from criminal elements and the poor and desperate in the lowest decks, to wealthy merchants, mine-owners, and academics on the highest decks.

Like the majority of large phraxships, sky-taverns have a single large phraxchamber located centrally on the top deck and reinforced by a stout internal mast. They are not designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind, and have a large, snub-nosed prow.

Notable sky-taverns

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