Slaughterers throwing a feast.

Slaughterers were a race of humanoids with red, spiky hair and blood-red skin. Chiefly found in Deepwoods villages, they were noted for their expertise in butchery, and their main source of income was the trading of meat and fur with other inhabitants of the Edge. Their skin colour came from prolonged exposure to smoke from redoak chippings. They were naturally nocturnal, waking up at sundown and having lunch in the middle of the night, though Slaughterers living in cities like Undertown were generally forced to adapt to diurnality. Twig, Quint, and Rook have all encountered many slaughterers throughout their travels. They were capable of inter-breeding with Fourthlings, and Twig ended up marrying one, meaning his descendant Rook was 1⁄4 Slaughterer.

Notable Slaughterers

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