"Slip didn't mean to oversleep, Slip's a good worker, he is. He'll get up now. Get to work at once..."

Slip was a Grey Goblin scuttler from the Eastern Woods, who traveled with Nate Quarter across the Edgeworld.

Role in The Immortals

Slip was a sweeper in the Phraxmines of Galston Prade where he worked for twelve years. He overheard a conversation of Grint Grayle and warned Nate that he was to be punished. After Rudd's death, Nate took Slip with him to Great Glade, where the two companions became close friends. In Great Glade, Slip enjoyed growing vegetables, especially pumpkins.

During the journey from Great Glade to the Midwood Decks, Slip became skilled with a bow and hunted animals for the party.

When Nate decided to become a descender, Slip and Eudoxia stayed in Sanctaphrax to rebuilt the old city.


Slip was somewhat dim from working in the Phraxmines, but he was a loyal and faithful companion. His health and state of mind continuously got better when he left the Phraxmines.