The Sources and appearance policy applies to every article on the wiki.



The "Appearances" Section in every infobox should be filled out, like in the image. If a character/sky ship/settlement is only ever mentioned in a book, but doesn't actually appear, they should be written as Stormchaser (mentioned).


Every article should have a references section showing where the information on that page came from.

How references should look


The references should consist of the book title in italics and linked, the number of the chapter, the title of the chapter and, if possible, the subchapter. It should look like this:

The Curse of the Gloamglozer, Chapter 10: The Viaduct Steps, Part ii: East Side: 18th Staircase

The Lost Barkscrolls

ATTENTION: If you use the old editions of the Edge Chronicles (any edition without Jeff Nentrup's cover art essentially), you need to pay attention to the chapter number. The four short stories of The Lost Barkscrolls were included in the newest collection of the Edge Chronicles. The story Cloud Wolf is included as the first five chapters of The Curse of the Gloamglozer, which shifts all other chapters. If you are using an old edition, you need to add five chapters (for example, The Palace of Shadows is chapter one in the old editions but six in the new one). If you want to reference any of the short stories/four barkscrolls, add the name of it before the book:

Cloud Wolf, The Curse of the Gloamglozer, Chapter 1: Wilderness Lair

Single-Page Stories

If you want to reference to any of the single-page stories, please reference as Book Name, Character's Story and link to the User blog:DeadlyDirtBlock/Single-Page Stories.

An example would be: Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, Pule's Story.

Visual Editor

Adding references


If you use the visual editor, use "Insert" -> "References" to add a reference. The reference will appear as [1] once published.

If you want to cite a chapter multiple times, click on "Use an existing reference" and select the one you want.

On the very bottom of the article, insert a new heading called "References". Use "Insert" -> "References list", don't select any group and click insert.

Citation needed


If you don't know where the information is from, go to the template option and use the template "Fact". This will add [citation needed] to the page. It will also automatically add the page to the Category:Citation needed. Removing the template and replacing it with a reference will also remove the category.

Source editor

If you use the source or classic editor, just use <ref> Book, Chapter, Chapter Title </ref> after every bit of information.

Add a section titled ==References== at the very end of the page and write <references/> beneath it. That will create a list of all the references you used above. If you don't know where the information is from, write {{fact}}. This will add [citation needed] to the page.