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A young Stope during his days in the armory of the Knights Academy.

Stope, known in later life as Stope Boltjaw, was a Grey Goblin who served Cloud Wolf aboard the Stormchaser.

Early Life

Stope traveled to Sanctaphrax from the Deepwoods at an early age, and claimed Sanctaphrax Sanctuary. He worked as a forge-hand for several years in the Knights Academy, where he proved to be skilled and clever. It was there that he met and befriended Quint.

Later Life


Stope Boltjaw.

Many years later, Stope signed on with his old friend, Cloud Wolf, as a sky pirate aboard his sky ship. He lost his jaw in a fight with Ulbus Pentephraxis, and fashioned a replacement out of a piece of ironwood, which earned him the nickname "Stope Boltjaw".

Stope accompanied Cloud Wolf on his stormchasing voyage into the Twilight Woods. He lost his ironwood jaw while he and the rest of the crew abandoned ship, and, determined to relocate it, wandered away through the forest, never to be seen again.

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