The entrance to the Sunken Palace.


Rook and Felix in the Sunken Palace

The Sunken Palace was the ruins of Wind Jackal's old palace in the Western Quays. After it was gutted in the Great Fire of the Western Quays, it was buried beneath the rubble of Screetown. Felix Lodd lived in the Sunken Palace while he commanded the Ghosts of Screetown.

When Rook visited the Sunken Palace in Vox, he revealed a wall painting of Orlis Verginix, his wife Hirmina and their sons Quintinius, Murix, Lucius, Martilius, Centix and Pellius beneath the dust and smoke that Felix had not bothered to clean. Quint's face reminded him of someone, but Rook didn't discover the truth until Tem Barkwater showed him Quint's miniature portrait and told him of his ancestors.