The Tarry Vine Tavern.

The Tarry Vine Tavern was a tavern in Undertown that was favored by sky pirates. In addition to providing food, drink, and lodging, the Tarry Vine Tavern was a common place for enterprising sky pirates to seek start-up funds for sky ships and crew. The rich owner of the tavern, Glaviel Glynte, was known for financing sky pirates who others were too cautious to take on, but whenever one of his pirates went under, mercilessly recouped his losses and destroyed their reputation. During the events of Clash of the Sky Galleons, the Tarry Vine Tavern was burned down by the Leagues of Undertown. Later, Glaviel Glynte's shryke assistant, Sister Horsefeather, used the Tarry Vine Tavern as a model for her own establishment, the Bloodoak Tavern.

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