"Blooming rudeness! ...All I'm trying to do is scrape an honest living."
-Tendon Hammelherd

Tendon Hammelherd was a slaughterer who lived in Undertown during Stormchaser. Constantly thirsty and unable to afford the increasingly high prices of drinking water in Undertown, Tendon was desperate for phraxdust. He tried to get by selling slaughterer lucky charms on the streets of Undertown.

At the beginning of Stormchaser, Tendon offered to sell lucky charms to a cloddertrog. Irritated, the cloddertrog shoved him to the ground and stormed off. Ironically, this same cloddertrog was killed moments later by a falling Sanctaphrax chain. Twig, who witnessed the incident, helped Tendon gather up his merchandise, and purchased one of his lucky charms.

Taking advantage of Tendon's desperation for phraxdust, an unscrupulous gnokgoblin named Slitch persuaded Tendon to perform a dangerous experiment on stormphrax for him. Knowing that an explosion was likely, Slitch hid behind a stove, and when Tendon tried to grind the stormphrax, he was killed by the resulting blast.