Mag, a termagant trog female just after her Blooding ceremony.

Termagant trogs were a variety of trog that dwelt in underground colonies known as 'Trogcombs' in the Deepwoods. They were highly secretive and rarely surfaced, leading many outsiders to doubt their existence.

Termagant Females

The termagant trogs were unusual in that their society was completely dominated by females. In contrast to the puny and weak-willed males, the females were enormous, aggressive, hulking beasts. However, they did not start life like this. Until the age of about thirteen, termagant females resembled fourthling girls and were pretty and good-natured. They changed to their adult form in a process known as 'Blooding' (see below). They dressed in clothes made of a papery substance and were covered in tattoos.

Termagant Males


A male termagant trog

The males of the species were small, pathetic and simple-minded creatures, used as slaves by their female counterparts. They could not undertake the Blooding process as the sap of the bloodoak tree was poisonous to them. Unlike the females, they bore no tattoos.


The termagant trogs' underground colonies were known as trogcombs. They were centred around the roots of a bloodoak tree known as the 'Mother Bloodoak' which provided the blood necessary for Blooding ceremonies to take place. The trog settlements themselves consisted of clusters of huts made from a thick paper-like substance. No day/night cycle existed in the trogcombs; instead an eternal glow was created by the presence of special glowing roots.


When termagant girls came of a certain age, they went through a ceremony known as Blooding. In this ceremony, they would drink the blood from from the colony's mother bloodoak which would cause them to swell to thrice their size, losing their hair, good looks and pleasant nature, and gaining aggression, physical strength and vast quantities of testosterone. This process was known as 'turning termagant'.

If a young termagant trog missed her blooding, she would never turn termagant and would be trapped in the body of a young girl until the day she died. This was considered a terrible fate, and many who missed their Blooding fled the trogcombs to spend the rest of their life in solitude.

Notable Termagant Trogs

Behind the Scenes

The word 'termagant' means 'quarrelsome woman'. The name is appropriate, given the aggresive nature of termagant females.

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