The Deepwoods was the oldest and largest region of the Edge, often described as an "endless forest". The

Deepwoods lay west of the Twilight Woods, south of the Edgelands, and east of the Thorn Forests. During Quint and Twig's time, the Deepwoods was largely inhabited by nomadic tribes of various Trogs, Trolls, and Goblins. During the Rook trilogy, permanent settlements had sprung up in the Deepwoods.

Parts of the Deepwoods

First Age of Flight


Settlements of the Deepwoods in the Second Age of Flight

Second Age of Flight

Third Age of Flight

History of the Deepwoods

Ancient History

Thousands of years before the Quint trilogy, Kobold the Wise presided over the Deepwoods, and it was during his time that the Time of Enlightenment occurred. When the Mother Storm passed over the Deepwoods, the associated Mind Storms played havoc with the emotions of the inhabitants, and the Time of Enlightenment ended, causing the Deepwoods to revert back the wild, savage place it had been prior to the age of Kobold the Wise. Various peoples eventually left the Deepwoods to escape the danger and slavery, establishing the city of Sanctaphrax on a large buoyant rock from the Stone Gardens. Shortly after, a second wave of Deepwoods inhabitants left for the eastern regions, establishing the city of Undertown below the then-floating Sanctaphrax rock.

Role in the Quint Trilogy

During the events of Clash of the Sky Galleons, Quint and Maris were stranded in the Deepwoods, and had to find the Galerider. Later, a massive battle between the Leagues of Undertown and the Sky Pirates took place above the Deepwoods canopy.

Role in the Twig Trilogy

Twig was born on a sky ship above the Deepwoods. Because Multinius Gobtrax was unwilling to carry a baby onboard his ship, Quint and Maris were forced to abandon him. He was raised by Woodtrolls, and, in the events of Beyond the Deepwoods, Twig set off on his own, and eventually found his father when his sky ship, the Stormchaser, crash-landed in the Deepwoods. Later, during the course of Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, Twig's search for his missing crew members took him on a long journey through the Deepwoods.

Role in the Rook Trilogy

Around the same time as Twig's adventures, Maris, who was wandering through the Deepwoods with a pack of children in tow, discovered a beautiful expanse of glades. She and Tweezel settled the region, and it grew into a wonderful place of hope and opportunity known as the Free Glades.

Rook was born in the Free Glades. When his parents, Shem and Keris, left the Free Glades with him, they were attacked by a band of slavers with Rook as the only survivor. He was rescued by Varis Lodd, who took him to Undertown, and he grew up with the Librarians Academic.

During The Last of the Sky Pirates, Rook journeyed from the Librarians' home in the sewers of Undertown to the Free Glades to become a Librarian Knight. He met Twig there, and they launched an attack on the Tower of Night to rescue Twig's old friend, Cowlquape Pentephraxis.

In Freeglader, the citizens of Undertown all made a great pilgrimage to the Free Glades to establish a new home. Soon after, the Foundry Glades and the Goblin Nations waged war on the Free Glades, but their armies were defeated.

Role in The Immortals

In the Third Age of Flight, many permanent settlements were established in the Deepwoods. Two of the three great Third Age cities were in the Deepwoods: Great Glade and Hive (The city of Riverrise was in the farther-off Nightwoods). Additionally, several smaller towns and cities were established in the Deepwoods. Though the woods were far less wild than before, deforestation became a serious threat during the Third Age of Flight, as the stormphrax trade constantly encouraged cities to grow bigger and more powerful. Phraxships could travel from one end of the Deepwoods to another in a few months.

Role in the Cade Saga

In the Third Age of Flight, many disappointed citizens of the cities like Great Glade and Hive fled to the Deepwoods. Many longed for the purer, simpler life of the Second Age of Flight or the First Age of Flight. Many small settlements like The Gorges or the Farrow Ridges were established.

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