Thorne Lammergyre was a grey fisher goblin living together with his lemkin Tak-Tak on northern shore of the Farrow Ridges.


Thorne Lammergyre was born in Hive at his father's modest candle store. When he was twelve, he won a scholarship to the academy on the Sumpwood Bridge, where he studied phrax crystals. At sixteen, Thorne had to return to his father's candle store. At that time, the corrupted Council of Hive turned the city into a militia, beginning the war against Great Glade. Thorne was forced to participate in the Battle of the Midwood Marshes in the First Low Town Regiment in the Hive Militia, watching his friends die and killing Freeglade Lancers. Traumatized, Thorne turned his back on the cities and their corrupted politics, beginning a new life at the Farrow Ridges.

Role in The Nameless One

Thorne helped Cade to build his wood cabin and a small fishing boat. Although he kept himself to himself, Cade, Celestia and Thorne become close friends.

Role in Doombringer

Weird New Worlds

The character of Hedgethorn Lammergyre of the non-canon blog Weird New Worlds resembles Thorne and was probably the original character Thorne Lammergyre evolved from. Nevertheless, Thorne Lammergyre looked different and was in the First Low Town Regiment instead of the Second, where he could have met Nate and Eudoxia.

Behind the Scenes